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Are Rebuilt Tools As Good As New Ones?

If you are a construction site manager or team leader, the safety of your employees is your number one priority. Having the safety construction site possible means regularly replacing and repairing worn-out or unsafe tools with new models that meet current safety regulations. Unfortunately, these new tools can often put a major strain on your company’s budget, costing thousands of dollars that you might not have anticipated.

If your team requires a new CAT H115 hammer, BTI hydraulic breaker or any other type of construction tool, you may have considered purchasing a certified rebuilt model from a company like Hydraulic Breaker Services. These used hydraulic breakers are significantly more affordable than new models — but do they offer the same level of safety and performance as new versions?

Construction professionals love working with Hydraulic Breaker Services because our certified rebuilt models always meet factory standards, offering you and your employees the same level of strength and safety you anticipate when you choose names like CAT and Atlas Copco. Before a tool hits our shelves, we test and rebuild it from top to bottom to ensure that it meets factory standards. The piston, upper and lower bushings, tie rods, seals and more are all replaced and rebuilt to meet current factory standards. Certified rebuilt models from Hydraulic Breaker Services offer you the exact same level of quality as new models — but at a fraction of the price of what you pay when you buy new.

In addition to already-low prices, Hydraulic Breaker Services also offers up to 100% financing for all major purchases through our website. We also offer free quotes on all orders, making it easier than ever before to compare prices and ensure that you aren’t overspending for your tools. To learn more about our current catalog of tools and professional services or to explore financing options for your company, give our team a call today.

3 Ways Hydraulic Breaker Services is Helping Business Owners Save Money

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues across the country, many businesses are facing an uncertain future. At Hydraulic Breaker Services, we’re proud to help business owners save money while also providing their teams with the safe used hydraulic breakers and hammers their employees need. Here are three of the many ways we’re helping business owners balance their bottom lines ahead of the upcoming summer construction season.

* We provide rebuilt hammers and breakers that meet the highest safety standards. As a construction company owner or manager, safety is the first thing that you consider when you search for tools. Hydraulic Breaker Service’s Indeco, CAT, and Stanley hydraulic breakers are rebuilt to factory standards, which ensures the highest level of safety at a price that’s affordable. When you purchase a tool from Hydraulic Breaker Services, you can rest assured that it has been thoroughly tested and repaired.

* We offer free quotes on all orders. Not sure where you want to purchase your next hydraulic breaker or hammer from? No worries — we provide risk-free, no-obligation quotes on all of our orders. This makes it easier to comparison shop and find the tools that work with your company’s budget.

We offer up to 100% financing online. If you don’t have the cash to pay for your tools upfront, know that you do have options. We offer up to 100% financing online through Smart Business Credit, which can be particularly useful when you need to purchase new tools during a slow or off season. Applying for financing couldn’t be simpler — just fill out a quick and easy online application through our website. No trip to the bank required.

If you’re interested in learning more about the tools and services currently available from Hydraulic Breaker Services, give our team a call today at 800-940-8517 or pay us a visit online at