Bretec by Hydraulic Breaker Sandvik


Breaking Technology

Bretec first made its mark in the hydraulic breaker OEM business back in 1994. Now after almost 20 years since Bretec’s first impact, a Bretec branded breaker offering of silenced and pin-on hydraulic breakers is here. Bretec range has been strategically placed to offer competitive products that are good quality and cost-effective for the middle segment market.

All Bretec breakers come fully CE compliant, supplied by Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy, and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO18001 and ISO 14001 standards. Quality control processes from the factory right up to the point of installation ensure that each and every Bretec breaker will have you making an impact in no time.

Built using proven and world-leading technology, the new C-models are featuring:

• Round Retaining Pins – Deliver extended life for lower owning and operating costs
• New Tool Retaining System – Permits faster tool changes for reduced downtime
• Improved Tool Seal – Protects tool, bushings and retaining pins for lower owning and operating costs
• Dust-Protected Housing – Prevents dust ingress for reduced wear and helps reduce noise levels
• Idle Blow Protection – Eliminates tie rod stress and oil overheating to protect against premature failure
• Automatic Greasing – Auto lubrication now available as a retrofit-option for greater tool protection
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