Maximizing Efficiency: Hydraulic Breaker & Hammer Inspection Analysis

All Hydraulic Hammer Shops are NOT created equal!!!!

Hydraulic Hammer Repair

Every Hydraulic Hammer that is brought in to one of our Hammer facilities for any repair is completely dissembled from top to bottom, thoroughly chemical cleaned and inspected by one of our highly trained personnel. The major things we look for on your Hydraulic Hammer is Housing Wear, Bolt and Fasteners, Valve Body Surfaces, Impact Ring Wear, Seal Carrier Wear, Tie Rods for any stretched threads or in thread cracks Piston Wear, Cylinder Wear, Front Head or Tool Holder, cracks, wear, or scoring, Part of this intense inspection includes Magnaflux to the above major component parts like the Piston, Cylinder, and the Front Head or Tool Holder. This process allows us to find any and all hard to see or obvious cracks such as spider cracks or surface cracks. In addition to this process, we check all wear tolerances on all areas of the Piston diameter and Cylinder inner diameter bore and Front Head or Tool Holder ID using Micrometers . This process allows us not only to provide our customers with a fully detailed quote, but it also allows us to pin point the main source of hydraulic hammer failure. From a blown seal to operator misuse, knowing the cause of the failure is the key to preventing any future problems and downtime. HBS gives you, the customer, a better understanding of your equipment. Hydraulic Breaker Services the only source for true Hydraulic Hammer Service.

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