Hydraulic Hammer Piston/Cylinder Crack Repair Service


At HBS we specialize in servicing breakers that your local dealers might say are beyond repair due to excessive wear, cracks or cost.

How many times have you sent out a hammer only to find out it’s repair cost exceeds 50% or higher than that of a new hammer?

This is where HBS enters the picture. With our high quality precision work we can save you the exorbitant cost that other shops and dealers charge. Saving your company both time and money. You’ve invested a lot of money into your equipment. MAKE SURE THAT YOU PROTECT IT!

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Hammer Diagnostics

  • Cylinder
    Worn out or pitted? We can build it up and re-bore it to specifications or if need be replace the cylinder entirely.
  • Piston
    Cracked or Scored? These can be rebuilt or replaced.
  • Thrust or Impact Ring
    Egg shape or cracked? HBS can build up and re-bore to specs or replace. Every hammer we repair is cycle tested for proper operation before it leaves our facility.
    Why go through the normal Breaker life use until it’s time to buy a new one? HBS also offers preventative maintenance programs on all makes of hydraulic breakers that WILL ensure longer breaker life, lower maintenance and reduced down time! Penetrative maintenance consists of replacing all the seals and replacing the upper and lower tool bushings…of course backed with our warranty. We have set pricing for our preventative maintenance programs. CALL TODAY FOR PRICING!

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