We Sell Certified Rebuilt Breakers
with warranties

HBS now offers Core Exchange Programs on all brands of hydraulic hammers! Trade in your current hammer for one of our Reman breakers - backed with a full 6 month warranty from HBS.

Hydraulic Breaker & Hammer Repair Services

Hydraulic breaker/hammer repairs/rebuilding is our business.

At Hydraulic Breaker Services, we specialize in servicing hydraulic breakers and hydraulic hammers that your local dealers might say are beyond repair due to excessive wear, cracks or cost. How many times have you sent out a hydraulic hammer for service or repair only to find out their repair costs exceed 50% or higher than that of a new hammer? This is where HBS enters the picture. With our high-quality precision work, we can save you the exorbitant cost that other shops and dealers charge, saving your company both time and money. You’ve invested a lot of money into your breakers—make sure that you protect it! Call Hydraulic Breaker Services: 856-952-8001.

As a leading hydraulic breaker service company, we have provided the construction industry around the globe with inspection analysis, hydraulic hammer/breaker rebuilds, hydraulic breaker parts, certified rebuilt hydraulic hammers (with warranties!), demolition tools and more. Whether you need preventative hydraulic breaker maintenance or a complete hydraulic hammer rebuild, we can accomplish it for you with convenient shipping and delivery – all arranged by Hydraulic Breaker Services. Our services are available at the most affordable rates and can fit any construction budget.

Our highly-trained technicians have the knowledge and expertise to repair your hydraulic hammer and make it fully functional again. For routine checkup and maintenance, have your hydraulic breaker sent to us to be serviced with the highest quality. With our large inventory of certified rebuilt hydraulic hammers, we can offer core exchanges for any make or model hydraulic hammer. Save time and money by opting to purchase one of our certified rebuild hydraulic hammers from leading brands such as CAT hydraulic hammers, Kent hydraulic hammers, NPK hydraulic hammers, Stanley hydraulic hammers, Tramac hydraulic hammers, Indeco hydraulic hammers and more – all certified by HBS and backed with a full 6 month warranty.

Unlike other companies, we work closely with our clients to achieve their construction goals when it comes to demolition equipment. We take pride in providing parts, maintenance, repairs, certified rebuilt hammers and inspection analysis services for construction companies internationally. For quality hydraulic breaker services, we are your go-to source.

HBS Certified Rebuilt Breaker Advantages

  • Recognized Worldwide Leader in Hydraulic Hammers (Sales-Parts-Service)
  • Certified Rebuilt Hammers With Warranties
  • Complete Machine Shop Facility With State of The Art CNC Machines
  • 25 Years of Knowledge & Experience
  • The Finest Customer Support

HBS Also Offers On-Site Hammer Operator Training Sessions!

After one of our training sessions, you can expect your operators to be more productive with the use of their demolition tool. Quality training will also provide your company with less down time and lower maintenance expenses. Call HBS to set up a Hammer Training Session at (800) 940-8517.


We’ll take it – in any condition. Trade in your hydraulic hammer for one of our NEW Sandvik Bretec hydraulic hammers or one of our Certified Rebuilt Breakers.

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