Stanley Hydraulic Hammer & Breakers

stanley hydraulic breakers

Model Energy Class Rec Carrier
MB-20EX 1,500 10,000-25,000
MB-30EX 2,000 18,000-35,000
MB-50EX 5,000 42,000-90,000
MB-70EX 7,500 58,000-90,000
MB-80EX 8,500 60,000-100,000
MB-100EX 12,000 80,000-100,000

Stanley’s hydraulic breakers are made specifically to power through the most demanding tasks on the job-site. Stanley Hydraulics is a worldwide leader in the development of a wide range of advanced hydraulic products used in a variety of industries and applications. As a member of Stanley Black & Decker Inc., a 165 year old company committed to the manufacture and distribution of quality tools for professional, industrial, and consumer, Stanley Hydraulics Tools is dedicated to providing customers with the most innovative products possible. This is why HBS is proud to offer a Certified Rebuilt Stanley hydraulic hammer for any machine or any job that may come up for your company.


  • Advanced design technology for output energy and efficiency
  • Minimal moving parts – only 2 – for less maintenance, better performance and less service
  • Fully enclosed housing for quieter operation and less dirt contamination
  • Added steel reinforcement at lower end of housing to protect housing and power-cell
  • Narrow profile for better visibility and close-in trench work
  • Lighter weight enables a larger selection of carrier choices
  • Supported power-cell by urethane cushions and urethane wear plates to absorb shock and vibration and reduce wear

Service panels incorporated into the housing allow access to key components without removing power-cell from housing

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