Hammer Hour Meter

DIGIT TRACK is the answer to your questions…

  • Service

    When is service needed? Without operating hours, you will always over or under-service!

  • Parts

    Knowing when parts fail will allow you to optimize your parts
    inventory, saving time and money.

  • Warranty

    The DIGIT TRACK will assist you in making warranty decisions by providing an accurate
    record of use.

  • Sales

    Does your sales team know how your customer uses your product?
    Better information means better understanding.

  • Engineering

    Use warranty and QC repair data to analyze your product and make

  • Customers

    Having a precise account of operation is a vital tool in keeping customers honest.

  • Quality Control

    Do you know when parts fail? Record failures in your Quality Control log with serial

Vibration activated digital hour meters, developed for the harshest environmetal conditions, protected by a high impact protection case. The 12-year integrated battery supply makes the DIGIT TRACK a unique stand alone solution for all vibration intense aplications.

Ultra strong protection case made of fiberglass reinforced heavy duty rubber.

Automatically records when equipment operates. No connection necessary.

Designed for Military use, IP68 digital hour meter with 12 year sealed battery.

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