BTI Hydraulic Hammers & Breakers

bti breakers

Model Energy Class Rec Carrier
TB242ME 550 3,300-13,200
TB425 1,000 11,000-22,000
TB725 2,000 18,000-33,000
TB830X 3,000 26,000-60,000
TB980XC 4,500 40,000-80,000
TB1280XC 5,500 42,000-90,000
TB1680XC 7,500 55,000-106,000
TB2080XC 10,000 75,000-140,000
TB2580XC 13,500 99,000-180,000

BTI Breakers

All Hydraulic Hammer Shops are NOT created equal!
*24 Hour Turnaround Service*

The design of the BX Series of Hydraulic Breakers produces stable high-speed percussion, and exceptional value and durability for all construction, demolition, and rock breaking requirements. These breakers work across a wide range of applications including trenching, construction, demolition, quarry, mining, and recycling. BTI breakers range in size from 150 to 15,000 ft lbs so there is a BTI breaker available to help your company complete any job efficiently.

  • Breaker mounted manual high / low stroke selector (BX8-BX40); improves production capability.
  • Long stroke piston design; provides high levels of constant blow energy.
  • Anti-blank fire on / off selector (BX8-BX40); alternate modes when operating in varying rock conditions.
  • Optimal sound dampening (BX6-BX40) further lowers noise levels, pertinent in high density population areas.

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