4 Ear Protection Tips for the Construction Site

October was National Protect Your Hearing Month—what were you doing to help keep your workers’ ears protected? Hearing loss doesn’t just affect your employees’ abilities on the job—it can also have long-lasting social and psychological effects as well. Therefore, consider implementing a few of these hearing protection tips on your construction site.Read More

Why Do Employees Fail to Report Safety Violations?

According to research from the National Safety Council’s Journal of Safety Research, construction workers often fail to report injuries and OSHA violations that they see on the job site. A staggering 72% of workers surveyed admitted to hiding an injury or violation from their supervisors. A construction site can be an incredibly dangerous place, filled with heavy machinery ranging from new bulldozers to used hydraulic breakers that can cause serious injury or even death in the event that safety standards are not adhered to.Read More

Three Ways to Ensure Better Safety on the Construction Site

For construction site supervisors, safety should consistently top their team’s list of priorities. The construction industry was recently named the 9th most dangerous in the country, with an average of 134 fatalities occurring on job sites per year. Luckily, there are a number of steps that employers and construction professionals can take to limit the risk that their site poses to employees. Read on to learn three easy steps that owners of any construction site can take to keep their workers from being injured.Read More

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