Allied/Rammer Hammer & Breakers Rebuild Services


Model Energy Class Rec Carrier
E-64 2,000 27,000-44,0000
750-CS 2,000 27,000-46,000
E-68 3,500 46,000-71,000
S-83 5,000 65,000-88,000
G-80 5,500 66,000-88,000
G-90 8,000 77,000-121,000
G-100 10,000 90,000-150,000
G-130 15,000 145,000-200,000


All Hydraulic Hammer Shops are NOT created equal!
24 Hour Turnaround Service

Unlike most hydraulic shops, HBS offers complete machine shop services. With our knowledge and capabilities to rebuild worn or cracked parts, like Pistons, back to size allowing HBS to save your company the high cost of new replacement parts. We also stock a wide range of used parts available for core exchange on Allied Breakers such as  Allied/Rammer E68 Hammer, Allied/Rammer G80 Hammer, Allied G90 Hammer, Allied/Rammer G110 Hammer, Allied/Rammer G130 Hammer and many more. Sandvik Breaker products have introduced a series of Rammer hydraulic hammers to keep up with the growing demand.


All of Hydraulic Breaker Services’ certified rebuilt breakers are completely gone through from top to bottom. The piston, upper and lower bushings, tie rods, seals, diaphragm, hoses are all replaced and rebuilt to factory standards. We concentrate on the major manufacturers such as: Allied Breakers/Rammer Hammers Unlike other hammer dealers, we back every certified Allied/Rammer rebuilt breaker with a six month warranty and we offer customer support on every hammer sold whether it is Allied E68 Hammer or Allied G130 Hammer. So, before paying the high price of a brand new breaker, why not consider an Allied/Rammer certified rebuilt breaker from HBS?

allied hydraulic breakers

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