High-Quality Used NPK Hydraulic Breaker Parts & Repair Service

NPK Hydraulic Breakers and Hammers

Model Energy Class Rec Carrier
E-203 500 6,000-12,000
7 X 1,500 14,000-35,000
E-207 2,000 20,000-35,000
E-208 2,500 28,000-42,000
10 X 3,000 40,000-56,000
12 X 4,000 46,000-66,000
E-213 4,000 46,000-66,000
E-216 5,500 42,000-70,000
E-220 8,000 60,000-100,000
16 X 7,000 50,000-100,000
E-225 12,000 70,000-154,000
30 X 15,000 100,000-186,000

NPK Hammers

After more than 25 years in business, NPK is a world-wide leader in the construction excavator attachment industry, well known for their hydraulic hammers.

Full serviceability of the hammer industry easiest, lowest cost, body-rebuild system

Hydraulic Hammers are not meant to have an easy life. In most cases they need to be rebuilt. When the hammer body is involved, NPK’s replaceable sleeve design can reduce your costs of a major rebuild.

  1. Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  2. Unique gas-charged piston maximizes hammer efficiency
  3. Simple, two-moving-parts design for reliability
  4. Separate ports for the NPK AutoLube system and an air line for underwater use
  5. Bottom tie rod nuts for easier serviceability (GH Models)
  6. Quick-change tool system with single round retainer pin
  7. Variety of tool configurations available
  8. Replaceable cylinder sleeves for easy, economical rebuild
  9. Tool bushings engineered for quick, easy replacement


These images below are BEFORE pictures of an NPK GH40 before the repair:

NPK Hydraulic Breakers

These images below are during the service process of an NPK GH40:

NPK Hydraulic Hammers

These images below are AFTER the rebuild is completed of an NPK GH40:

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