Explore Certified Used Hydraulic Breakers & Hammers

All of Hydraulic Breaker Services’ certified rebuilt breakers are completely gone through from top to bottom and that all of our certified rebuilt breakers are certified by HBS, LLC. The piston, upper and lower bushings, tie rods, seals, diaphragm, hoses are all replaced and rebuilt to factory standards. We concentrate on all leading major manufacturers. So, before paying the high price of a brand new breaker, why not consider a certified rebuilt hammer from HBS? All certified rebuilt breakers from HBS come with: a standard mounting bracket, hydraulic hoses, a new tool and a full 6 month warranty.


ModelEnergy Class
S251,000 ft lbs
S291,500 ft lbs
770CS2,500 ft lbs
E683,000 ft lbs
G805,000 ft lbs
795CS7,500 ft lbs
G909,000 ft lbs
805CS10,000 ft lbs
G11012,000 ft lbs
G13015,000 ft lbs

Atlas Copco

ModelEnergy Class
HB30007,500 ft lbs
HB420010,000 ft lbs
HB700015,000 ft lbs


ModelEnergy Class
830X3,000 ft lbs
925X5,000 ft lbs
1680X7,500 ft lbs
2080X10,000 ft lbs
2580X13,000 ft lbs


ModelEnergy Class
H1202,000 ft lbs
H1303,000 ft lbs
H130ES3,000 ft lbs
H1405,000 ft lbs
H140ES5,000 ft lbs
H1609,000 ft lbs
H160ES9,000 ft lbs
H18012,000 ft lbs
H180ES12,000 ft lbs

FRD Furukawa/Kent

ModelEnergy Class
3G500 Ft lbs
KF4750 ft lbs
KF51,000 ft lbs
KF61,200 ft lbs
8G1,500 ft lbs
KF91,500 ft lbs
KF192,500 ft lbs
KF223,000 ft lbs
KF275,000 ft lbs
FX3756,000 ft lbs
KF356,000 ft lbs
FX4757,500 ft lbs
KF457,500 ft lbs
KF7010,000 ft lbs
50G10,000 ft lbs


ModelEnergy Class
HP20002,000 ft lbs
HP30003,000 ft lbs
HP40004,000 ft lbs
HP50005,000 ft lbs
HP80008,000 ft lbs
HP1200012,000 ft lbs
HP1600016,000 ft lbs


ModelEnergy Class
10X3,000 ft lbs
E2133,000 ft lbs
GH103,000 ft lbs
GH124,000 ft lbs
16X5,000 ft lbs
E2165,000 ft lbs
E2207,500 ft lbs
GH157,500 ft lbs
E22512,000 ft lbs
GH1812,000 ft lbs
E24015,000 ft lbs
GH3015,000 ft lbs
GH4018,000 ft lbs


ModelEnergy Class
MB50EX5,000 ft lbs
MB70EX7,500 ft lbs
MB80EX8,000 ft lbs
MB100EX10,000 ft lbs


ModelEnergy Class
V325,000 ft lbs
V457,500 ft lbs
V5512,000 ft lbs
V6515,000 ft lbs
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