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Four Factors That Have an Effect on the Lifespan of a Hydraulic Breaker

At what point is a hydraulic breaker no longer usable? In the construction industry, a hydraulic breaker can have a lifespan that lasts years if it is cared for properly. According to the article “How to Avoid Breaking Your Breakers” by Curt Bennink on, the average hydraulic hammer tool accumulates 500 hours of run time a year. That’s considered a heck of a lot for a piece of machinery that can attack surfaces up to 1,000 times or more per minute. As the tool is used throughout the years, wear and tear is inevitable. However, being aware of the causes that can take a toll on the demolition tool can help you determine an effective strategy for keeping it in good condition. For starters, you definitely need to have a good preventative maintenance plan.

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When Should You Stop Using the Hydraulic Breaker?

There are many reasons to use a hydraulic hammer for demolition during a construction project, but, there are also many reasons why it should stop being used. A hydraulic breaker can have a long lifespan if it is handled properly, and sometimes that requires aborting the tool immediately depending on certain circumstances. When operating the demolition tool, it is very easy to become so focused on the task that you forget to stop it when necessary. The tool doesn’t only have to be stopped when the job is complete; there are other factors that should be taken into account for deciding when to end the session.

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