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5 Facts You May Not Have Known About CAT Construction Equipment

When it comes to purchasing construction equipment, from bulldozers to Allied rammers, the yellow “CAT” logo is ubiquitous. Seen on nearly every construction site in America, this company has a long and storied history that you may not have known about. Read on to learn five little-known facts about the company that manufacturers the machinery that makes modern construction possible.Read More

3 Hydraulic Hammer and Breaker Maintenance Tips to Take This Summer

Let’s face it, hydraulic hammers are costly pieces of equipment and when they break down, a new one could cost you thousands of dollars. However, with the proper maintenance, they can last up to or over a decade, and you will see a great return on your investment. As a professional repair service for hydraulic machinery, Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC knows how hydraulic hammers and breakers begin to break down and how easily this could have been prevented.Read More