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4 Tips for Preventing Frostbite During The Winter Construction Season

As a construction site manager or business owner, you know that it’s sometimes necessary to continue working into the winter season. Unfortunately, as temperatures begin to fall, frostbite is more likely to show itself on your construction site.

Frostbite is a condition in which the tissue on or just below the surface of the skin begins to freeze. Anyone who works outside during the winter is at risk of developing frostbite. Severe cases of frostbite may even require hospitalization.

Thankfully, there are steps that you can take to keep your employees safe from frostbite this winter. Use these tips to enjoy a safer end-of-year season for everyone on your site.

  • Know the signs. Knowing the symptoms of frostbite is the first step to taking action if someone is hurt. Some of the most common symptoms of frostbite include rigid muscles, pale skin that’s cold to the touch, and hard, white skin tissue — particularly on the hands, nose, and cheeks.
  • Use a buddy system. It can be hard for someone to recognize on their own that they’re suffering from hypothermia. Assign each of your employees a “buddy” to check in on them regularly.
  • Insist on warm gloves. The fingers are one of the most common areas for frostbite to develop. Provide workers with insulated gloves to wear while working outside. Construction wear manufacturers now make gloves with insulation and enough dexterity to allow employees to operate everything from blasters to used hydraulic breakers, so there’s no excuse to skip protection.
  • Encourage employees to layer clothing. When it comes to winter dress, less definitely isn’t more. Encourage employees to wear multiple layers of clothing when they come to work to stay warmer.

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3 Essential Generator Safety Tips for Winter

The fall and winter construction seasons have finally arrived—and business owners and contractors across the country are preparing for another season of cooler weather. The fall and winter seasons often come along with increased generator usage, especially if you have a job that requires an Atlas Copco hydraulic breaker, hammer, or other large tool.
When used safely, a generator can be an asset for your business. However, when you don’t prioritize generator and job site safety, you put yourself and your team at risk. Before you use a generator, make sure you read and understand these essential safety tips.

  • Watch your distance. Gas-powered generators produce a toxic gas called “carbon monoxide” when run. While using a gas-powered generator is safe when you do it outdoors, you’ll want to keep a careful eye on the distance between your generator and your team members. Always keep your generator at least 20 feet away from your workspace and never run a generator in an enclosed space.
  • Keep it dry. Running a generator in the rain can cause a dangerous short-circuit. If you need to work in the rain, be sure to cover your generator with a well-ventilated tarp or tent to keep it dry while you work.
  • Give your generator time to cool down. If you have a gasoline powered generator, take some time to allow it to cool off before you refuel. Allowing the engine to cool down before refueling prevents spilled gasoline from catching on fire and reduces the chance that you burn yourself on the still-hot metal.

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