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3 Essential Generator Safety Tips for Winter

The fall and winter construction seasons have finally arrived—and business owners and contractors across the country are preparing for another season of cooler weather. The fall and winter seasons often come along with increased generator usage, especially if you have a job that requires an Atlas Copco hydraulic breaker, hammer, or other large tool.
When used safely, a generator can be an asset for your business. However, when you don’t prioritize generator and job site safety, you put yourself and your team at risk. Before you use a generator, make sure you read and understand these essential safety tips.

  • Watch your distance. Gas-powered generators produce a toxic gas called “carbon monoxide” when run. While using a gas-powered generator is safe when you do it outdoors, you’ll want to keep a careful eye on the distance between your generator and your team members. Always keep your generator at least 20 feet away from your workspace and never run a generator in an enclosed space.
  • Keep it dry. Running a generator in the rain can cause a dangerous short-circuit. If you need to work in the rain, be sure to cover your generator with a well-ventilated tarp or tent to keep it dry while you work.
  • Give your generator time to cool down. If you have a gasoline powered generator, take some time to allow it to cool off before you refuel. Allowing the engine to cool down before refueling prevents spilled gasoline from catching on fire and reduces the chance that you burn yourself on the still-hot metal.

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