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Does My Hydraulic Breaker Need Maintenance?

At Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC, we work hard to extend the life of our customers’ hydraulic breakers. We offer services to renew them, often even when other shops just want to sell a new one. We offer used hydraulic breakers to help you stay on target and budget. An essential part of keeping hydraulic breakers in service is keeping up with the maintenance. Do you know what the signs are that it’s time to get yours some maintenance and care?

Designed for Tough Work, Breakers Need Specific Care

Breaking through rock, concrete, asphalt, and other tough materials, hydraulic breakers fail hard when they aren’t up to the job. With that failure come potential losses in project time and costs, and the difference between a renewable breaker and one that’s beyond repair. It’s essential to make daily visual inspections a routine part of hydraulic breaker use. Items to check for overall condition, signs of wear, and damage such as cracks or gouges include:

  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Breaker shell
  • Attachment pins
  • Tool retainers and locks
  • Tool points
  • Checking Tolerances

Follow manufacturer recommendations for specific tolerance checks on the breaker. These usually include the top angle of the breaker attachment, the retaining pins, and the lower bushing. These checks help to reduce the wear on the unit and, when out of tolerance, indicate that it’s time for prompt maintenance.

Other Critical Checks to Reduce Maintenance and Damage Costs

  1. Keep up with the hose and oil pressure checks, especially right after the breaker is installed.
  2. Tool length checks help avoid direct damage to the outer casing and indirect damage from absorbing vibration and heat.
  3. Nitrogen pressure checks help avoid increased wear and damage. Watch for hopping hoses and low power as signs that maintenance is needed.
  4. Stop and call for service if there are oil leaks. Multiple protections can be degraded as the oil escapes, and damage can be quick.

Rely On Our Services, Turn To Us for Information

Our mission is to help you get the best and most reliable service out of your equipment, with a range of expert services and essential information for you and your operators. We also have hydraulic breakers for sale. Call the experts at Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC for all your hydraulic breaker needs, including advice and information.

Choose Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC for Your Hydraulic Breaker & Hammer Parts

For construction and quarry companies throughout the United States, Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC is the one hydraulic breaker parts and service resource that your team can depend on. Our mission is focused on hydraulic breakers and hammers and their applications, characteristics, proper use, care, maintenance, service, and restoration.
We aim for durability and long life in the hydraulic breakers we support, and at the same time, we are experts on the precision that is required in these complex devices to keep them running smoothly. Our over 25 years of experience is dedicated to making sure that your company can get the most out of this one piece of gear, no matter what brand, application, and age it may be.

Saving On Your Costs By Offering Your Options

If you’re replacing your hydraulic hammer assemblies more often than you think you should have to, you may be right. Perhaps you’re ordering new units because the cost of rebuilding was over 50% of the price of a new one. In many cases, the reason companies wind up with new units rather than rebuilding is because their options were limited. Our team has an extensive range of parts and high-precision services.
Where other firms that handle equipment can’t offer the experience, in-house machining, and selection of hydraulic hammer parts, we specialize in these units and can offer options that they can’t. Whether your unit is from Allied/Rammer, Atlas Copco, BTI, Cat, Indeco, Kent FDR Furukawa, NPK, Okada, Sandvik, Stanley Montabert, Tramac, or another manufacturer, you get the picture — we know it, we can handle it.
We can save you money on parts and services, but perhaps more importantly, we can give you options, so you aren’t spending more just because you don’t have the right choices.

You’re In Our Service Area

We have two bases of operation, one in New Jersey and one in California. If you have projects going on throughout the region, you can focus on a single provider of service and parts for your hydraulic hammers so that they provide the long-lived service that they were designed for. We sell both current and obsolete parts, so you can save time and just turn to our team whenever you need help. Contact Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC, and make us your one source for everything hydraulic breaker.

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