5 Safety Tips for Winter Construction Projects

As the temperatures continue to drop, construction projects across the country continue on. If you’re responsible for managing a construction site, you know that the health and safety of your team members is your first priority. Use these five tips to help keep your construction site safe — even in the coldest winter temperatures.

  • Watch the weather. A sudden winter blizzard can strike at any time. Keep your eyes on the forecast and alert team members if a storm is on the horizon.
  • Provide a warm place to take breaks. Even if it’s not snowing, temperatures on a construction site can quickly dip to unsafe levels. Provide employees with a warm, heated area to change out of wet clothing and enjoy a hot beverage.
  • Inform crew members of the dangers of increased heart rate. On particularly cold days, you might want to warn your employees to limit their consumption of nicotine and caffeine. These substances can artificially raise your heart rate, which causes us to feel warmer than we actually are. This makes it more difficult to spot the signs of hypothermia should they appear.
  • Warm up tools before usage. Your crew members aren’t the only ones who can be affected by freezing cold winter temperatures — your tools also need a warming up period to remain effective. Be sure to run your rammer hydraulic hammer or breaker on its lowest setting before use on the job site, and ensure that all components are properly lubricated before use.
  • Know the signs of hypothermia. Hypothermia is a serious condition that can cause slurred speech, shivering, slowed pulse, or blue or purple skin. Inform your team members of the symptoms of hypothermia and ask them to report anyone showing these signs.

As a construction site manager, your number one priority is your team’s safety. If you’ve been using an old or unsafe hydraulic tool, consider replacing it with a used hydraulic hammer from us. We ensure that all of our models meet factory safety standards before they hit the shelves. Give us a call today to learn more and get started!

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