The Intricacies of Maintaining a Hydraulic Hammer

In renting or owning a hydraulic hammer, you can’t skip on the maintenance of your equipment, or the quality of your steel. When you’re demolishing buildings and breaking down rubble, you don’t want a hammer that stalls or cracks. Only the highest quality hammers, made from alloys of the toughest nature, can handle your workloads day in and out. You may not realize just how much goes into treating one.

Heating Steel

Metallic alloys, despite their rugged exteriors, are crystalline in structure. On these sheets of metal are lined the tiniest microscopic grains (or crystallites); sensitive to heat and stress like any other material. Only the highest quality experts, having studied phase diagrams, physics and chemistry, know how much heat is needed to treat a given alloy. With this knowledge at their disposal, a hydraulic hammer service can mend everything from small hairline cracks to hammer elasticity.

Replacing Parts

In addition to heat treating your hammer, you may occasionally need to replace a part to get it running safely and smoothly. Be it hydraulic pistons, front heads, protective housings, or pins, maintaining your parts affects the longevity and safety of your machinery. No hydraulic hammer service worth its salt will ever tell you a part is too hard to replace. Again, the quality of the steel cannot go overlooked.

Inspecting and Analyzing

Now that you’ve treated and replaced your hammer up to specifications, you’ll want a team of hardened personnel to inspect and analyze it. After an industrial grade chemical cleaning, the experts advise applying Magnaflux to all your hammer’s major parts—from your bolts, to your threads, and cylinders. By following this process, cracks and imperfections rise to the metal’s surface, allowing you to catch any problems before a final tolerance check.

To be sure, maintaining your hydraulic hammer can be a meticulous and costly venture. When you’re seeking quick maintenance and repairs, you should rest assured that your equipment is being handled by those here at Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC who will show it the dedication, and respect it deserves. By investing in a solid repair service, you’ll treat those construction woes and budget more wisely.

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