Three Ways to Ensure Better Safety on the Construction Site

For construction site supervisors, safety should consistently top their team’s list of priorities. The construction industry was recently named the 9th most dangerous in the country, with an average of 134 fatalities occurring on job sites per year. Luckily, there are a number of steps that employers and construction professionals can take to limit the risk that their site poses to employees. Read on to learn three easy steps that owners of any construction site can take to keep their workers from being injured.

Plan ahead. A thoughtful planning process can help ensure that safety standards are being followed. Ensuring that all prework approvals and zoning processes are completed prior to the start of the job can help you avoid allowing safety to fall to the wayside in favor of speed. You should also make sure that all equipment, vehicles, and hydraulic hammers are stocked and inspected at the beginning of each day—allowing employees to start the project off on the right foot.

Empower employees to speak up. According to research from OSHA, employees who notice a safety issue and do not speak up refuse to do so because they feel “powerless” in their workgroup and wish to avoid confrontation. Employers should cultivate an environment in which every employee knows that he or she will be listened to and taken seriously when reporting an injury or safety hazard. After all, employees working directly on the site will be the first to know when someone is injured or when a hydraulic rock hammer goes awry—empowering employees to take their safety into their own hands can significantly reduce both injuries and OSHA violations.

Take advantage of technology. As the construction industry becomes more digitized, robots can now take on some of the most dangerous tasks on the site. Investing in drones, project management software, and smartwatches can also help employees remain more aware of hazards on site.

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