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Understanding Power-to-Weight Ratio

There are many advantages of hydraulic systems that make them enticing construction site tools. However, many of their strengths lie in their great power-to-weight ratio. This mathematical concept is used to measure the performance of many machines and engines, and hydraulic breakers are no exception. To learn more about what this ratio is and how it affects the performance of hydraulic systems and countless other tools and equipment, here’s an overview of what you need to know.

The Power-to-Weight Ratio

To fully understand the advantage of hydraulic systems, it’s important to first learn about the power-to-weight ratio. This ratio measures the performance of hydraulic hammers, as well as other power sources, including the engines found in cars, trains, and more. The ratio itself is calculated by dividing the power output generated by the source by its mass — or weight in this instance. In other words, the power-to-weight ratio is a measure of how much power a system can create per unit of weight.

As a result, efficient power tools will have a higher power-to-weight ratio, whereas less efficient ones will be lower. For example, even if a hydraulic breaker and a pneumatic breaker generate the same amount of energy, the former’s s ratio will not be the same as the latter if they weigh differently. Therefore, a hydraulic breaker several pounds lighter than other construction equipment that delivers similar energy will have a higher ratio and, in turn, more efficiency.

The Advantages of Hydraulic Systems

Thanks to their better power-to-weight ratio, many prefer hydraulic breakers over other tools — but why? Let’s look at two of the greatest strengths of hydraulic systems that have a profound impact on their performance.

More Productivity

As you may have already guessed, one of the greatest advantages of hydraulic systems is their efficiency over other construction equipment. Because they have greater power-to-weight ratios and, in turn, efficiency, they are capable of finishing tasks much faster. With greater speed comes better productivity, allowing you to progress to the next task at hand sooner rather than later. Thanks to the efficiency of hydraulic systems, you can have greater confidence knowing your projects can be completed on time more easily.

Easier Mobility

Because hydraulic equipment weighs less despite generating so much power, you’ll find that they’re easier to move from one location to the next. This is another major advantage of hydraulic systems, as they’re notably more compact and flexible than some of their alternatives. All you need to do is place them in the back of a truck and drive them off to where they’re needed.

See the Advantages of Hydraulic Systems Yourself

If you’re interested in witnessing the power of high power-to-weight ratios firsthand, Hydraulic Breaker Services has the equipment you need. Our business offers a variety of high-quality tools like Kent hydraulic hammers and many others that are relied upon for their performance. We’re also Indeco hammer dealers and supply numerous trusted brands and models. For more information and to find the perfect hydraulic tool for your project, give us a call today.

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