Why Hydraulic Hammers are Better Than Gas or Air Demolition Tools

There are many types of demolition tools that work with a makeup of different mechanics, such as gas, air and hydraulics. The line of hydraulic demolition tools carry advantages over gas and air hammers in the industry of construction. Hydraulic hammers offer higher productivity in terms of performance, versatility, and budget compared to gas and air. As high-quality demolition tools, they break up the surface and get the job done fast and effectively when operated by a trained technician.


Today there have been many innovative enhancements in hydraulics that make the tools run much more efficiently than they did in the past. Whether the hydraulic breaker is brand new or certified rebuilt, it is bound to withstand rigorous use to crush the rock.


Hydraulics are Resourceful

Hydraulic tools are portable and can be easily carried in a van or truck bed. With hydraulics, construction companies can operate two tools at a time with HP28 power unit. Contractors can choose from over sixty types of hydraulic breakers since they can work off of a single power source. Unlike gas and air demolition tools, hydraulic hammers are much more versatile in productivity.


Cost Effective in the Long Run

Construction companies that want to save money or cut down in costs can highly benefit from hydraulic hammers. Since hydraulic hammers require grease and oil to maintain, the internal components are kept lubricated, which reduces the amount of upkeep. The longer the demolition tool lasts, the less money will be spent on equipment. Hydraulic demolition tools tend to last longer because of their durability. Contractors also save on the cost of fuel when they choose to operate with hydraulic hammers because they are an efficient power source that runs on a smaller engine, which uses up fewer amounts of fuel.


Safer in Operations

Gas and air demolition tools can produce carbon monoxide during operation or cause dust to rise in the air. With hydraulic hammers, dust and carbon monoxide is never a worry. Air tools make loud noise during operation that affect the hearing of nearby workers, as well as the operator. Construction companies protect their technicians from ear damage when they operate with quieter hydraulic hammers. Hydraulic tools are also easier to carry because they are lighter in weight, which helps with ergonomics.


Topnotch Performance

In sub-zero conditions, gas and air demolition tools can freeze up and cause a setback in production. Hydraulic breakers can function year-round in hot and cold weather climates, as well as operate in wet conditions with a sealed system. In terms of power, hydraulic demolition tools exceed the amount of power produced in gas or air equipment. The compressed oil transfers a higher amount of energy, which demonstrates more power in a smaller package.


It is important to find the right service company that specializes in hydraulic breaker tools when it comes to parts, repair and cleaning. We at Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC are your answer as a one-stop-shop for hydraulic hammers. A professional from our team will examine the breaker from bottom to top, piece by piece to keep it in top condition and diagnose any issues.

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