Monthly Archives: August 2018

Three Ways to Ensure Better Safety on the Construction Site

For construction site supervisors, safety should consistently top their team’s list of priorities. The construction industry was recently named the 9th most dangerous in the country, with an average of 134 fatalities occurring on job sites per year. Luckily, there are a number of steps that employers and construction professionals can take to limit the risk that their site poses to employees. Read on to learn three easy steps that owners of any construction site can take to keep their workers from being injured.Read More

5 Facts You May Not Have Known About CAT Construction Equipment

When it comes to purchasing construction equipment, from bulldozers to Allied rammers, the yellow “CAT” logo is ubiquitous. Seen on nearly every construction site in America, this company has a long and storied history that you may not have known about. Read on to learn five little-known facts about the company that manufacturers the machinery that makes modern construction possible.Read More

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