3 Ways to Celebrate National Preparedness Month On the Construction Site

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? Even as the month comes to a close, it’s never too late to help your employees brush up on their preparation skills. Read on to learn about three exciting ways you can celebrate preparedness on your construction site — and keep your employees safer as well.

  • Host a round of Safety Jeopardy. Do you know what to do if someone has a heart attack? Can you recognize the symptoms of dehydration? “Safety Jeopardy” is a fun and exciting way to teach everyone on your staff a little bit about what to do in the event of an emergency. Research what to do in the event of an emergency and draw up a round of questions. Split your staff into teams and hand out gift cards as prizes for the winners!
  • Learn a new skill. In the event of an emergency, each second can mean the difference between safety and danger. Learning essential safety skills before you need them is crucial for a prepared worksite. Schedule a CPR or fire extinguisher demonstration for your staff. You’ll all learn a useful new skill — and you’ll walk away empowered to handle an emergency.
  • Check out your tools. In the construction industry, having safe and reliable tools is crucial for safety. Take some time to have your staff check and test your Indeco, CAT, or Kent breakers and other tools to make sure they’re safe. If they seem out-of-order or like they’re malfunctioning, replace them as soon as possible.

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