Hydraulic breaker digging in the ground at construction site.

4 Leading Brands of Hydraulic Breaker & Hammer Parts

Hydraulic hammers have become a mainstay of construction projects across the world. While the equipment itself is ubiquitous, it’s not always clear where you can find hydraulic breaker and hammer parts or if you can even make repairs to the equipment once it wears out. If you’ve worked with hydraulic breakers for a long time, then you may be able to tell when you need repairs, but who can you turn to for replacement hydraulic breaker parts?
Here are a few of the brands that Hydraulic Breaker Services can be trusted to provide quality hydraulic hammers and hydraulic breaker and hammer parts to repair them with:


Allied has been making hydraulic breakers and hydraulic hammers for decades and is, therefore, a leader in the industry. Their breaker tools fall into two categories:

  • The Excellence Series
  • The Performance Series

The Excellence Series is designed to provide excellent service coupled with unparalleled versatility. Each piece of equipment has heavy-duty housing to provide extended life while handling heavy-duty services such as excavation, slag removal, and more. Additionally, these tools are designed so that you can easily replace the hydraulic breaker and hammer parts whenever they wear out.
The Performance Series, by contrast, is designed to allow for high productivity in all spaces, including urban locales. The heavy-duty housing is specially made to allow for high-impact performance while maintaining a relatively low noise profile.

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is a significant manufacturer of mini excavators and other equipment that is extremely useful when handling construction jobs. They offer fourteen different hydraulic hammers that are well suited for a wide range of situations.
For example, the LH-180, a standard model for Atlas Copco, is a hydraulic breaker that works well as a multi-purpose breaker. It provides easy handling, significant power and is highly ergonomic to reduce the amount of fatigue that occurs due to its operation.


BTI has rebranded as Astec but still provides high-quality hydraulic breakers that can be used in a wide variety of construction projects.
Every one of Astec’s hydraulic breaker and hammer parts have been designed to provide compact power and precision. Astec’s equipment offers easy maintenance with easy integration of replacement parts if one of the hydraulic hammer parts wears out.


CAT is a name brand in construction circles because it is known for providing high-quality hydraulic hammers and other construction equipment. Each piece undergoes proper heat treatment to enable it to withstand the stress that a standard hydraulic hammer undergoes in the course of its everyday usage. When parts wear out, they can easily be swapped for spare parts that are kept on hand specifically for that purpose.
For more information about these brands or quotes for hydraulic breaker and hammer parts, call the Hydraulic Breaker Services team today!

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