5 Things You Didn’t Know About Indeco North America

If you work in the construction, demolition, or mining industry, you’re probably familiar with Indeco North America. Professionals using Indeco hydraulic breakers, compactors, and excavators can be seen across the country—and around the world. But did you know that Indeco North America is just a small subsidiary of the Italian Indeco corporation? Before you purchase your next Indeco tool, learn more about this construction and demolition powerhouse.

Indeco North America’s history dates back over two decades. Indeco North America was founded in 1990—which means that the company will be celebrating its 29th birthday this year.
Indeco North America is headquartered in Connecticut. The state that’s home to Yale University and the UConn Huskies football team is also home to Indeco. The company’s HQ is currently located in Milford, Connecticut.
Indeco recently launched a new line of steel shears. Indeco’s latest product launch was in January of 2018 when they launched their new, more durable steel shears. Indeco’s new line of steel shears feature a 30 percent faster cycle time and components made of HARDOX steel that eliminates flexing.
Indeco’s products are manufactured in North America. When you buy an Indeco product, your new tool might not be traveling as far as you may think. Indeco manufactures its products in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
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