Hammer troubles? Discover these problems before it’s too late

Hammer on Road


Here at Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC we‘ve seen our share of hammer problems. We’ve compiled a list of typical failures so you can identify and address any issues to keep your demo or street repair job running on time.

Damaged Piston

If your breaker has suddenly gone defunct, there may be a broken piston. To uncover if this is the issue, you need to take the hammer apart and examine the inside. First, take the chisel out and look up into the housing.   Check the face of the piston to see if it has any damage. A busted piston will look chipped or fractured.   What you want to see is a nice, clean, smooth piston face. However, don’t be fooled by a piston’s happy face. Sometimes the piston may appear alright, but the piston itself has broken in half. A broken piston could mean big trouble. Bits of metal might have spread like shrapnel throughout the hammer. If you suspect the piston has been compromised, don’t try to use the hammer.

Broken Tie Bolt

The breaker has four tie bolts. They hold the breaker together. If your hammer stops working, it could be that one of the tie bolts is shot. If you release one of the long tie bolts from the hammer and look at it, you’ll notice the threading around the ends. If the threading appears sheared, it’s time to get the tie bolt replaced.

Out of Gas

The gas pressure needs to be stable in a well-functioning breaker. When the gas pressure is steady, the gas hoses appear to be mildly vibrating. But when the pressure goes array the hoses – especially the feed hose – begin to shake vigorously.  If you notice the gas hoses shaking fiercely, it’s probably time to re-gas the hammer.  out of gas

We Can Help!

Whether you’re on a street repair job or demolishing a building, your hammer needs to work properly or the project will be crushed. At Hydraulic Breaker Services, we offer 24 hour emergency services.  We have a complete machine shop at our facility with state-of-the-art machinery to repair your hammer. Call us today at 1 (866) 427-1007.

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