Safety Tips for Operating a Hydraulic Hammer

Whether you are experienced with construction equipment or not, hydraulic hammers can be a dangerous tool to operate. If proper safety measures are not taken when using a hydraulic hammer, a misstep could cause a serious injury. Construction accidents are costly and could result in severe injuries and even death. We at Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC aim to highlight the safety precautions that should be put into place when using a hydraulic hammer. Following simple protection initiatives will shield the operator to prevent a hazardous situation. It is good to keep in mind the practices necessary to maintain a safe work atmosphere when handling a hydraulic breaker.


Hydraulic hammers that are hand-held require careful treatment to conduct a non-hazardous demolition. The best way to shield one’s self from possible harm is by wearing protective gear. According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, construction workers are responsible for 20% of all fatal industrial accidents. Don’t let this be you when working with a hydraulic hammer! Some of the injuries caused by hydraulic hammers include paralysis, back complications, loss of hearing, and loss of blow flow.


We put together a list of safety tips that should be put into action whenever a hydraulic hammer is in use.


Wear Protective Eye Gear

Put away those safety glasses, because they are not nearly enough to shield the eyes from flying debris. In order to prevent rock chips and dust from entering your eyes, protective goggles must be worn. Goggles protect the eyes from all angles.


Wear Earmuffs

Working a hydraulic hammer is like being next to a fully operative gun range in action. The repetitive loud noise that comes from the hydraulic breaker can cause damage to the ears, such as hearing loss or tinnitus (a condition where a high-pitched noise is heard by only the individual). To completely block out the noise, operators should wear heavy-duty earmuffs with ear plugs.


Anti-vibration Gloves

The friction that comes from the hydraulic hammer is so forceful, that it can stop blood from being able to flow to the hands when being handled. To counteract this issue, construction workers can wear anti-vibration gloves, which are designed with extra padding to absorb the vibration that comes from the equipment during use.


Wear Shielding Clothes   

With so much dust being kicked up from the hydraulic hammer, the skin should be covered so that exposure is minimum. If you are going to operate a hydraulic breaker, you should wear protective clothing such as boots, long pants, and a long sleeve shirt.


Put on a Dust Mask

Another piece of protective gear that should be worn during demolition is a dust mask. Depending on how close you are to the area you are demolishing, a face shield may be the better choice. The mask offers cleaner air for breathing and protects the face from being struck by flying debris.


Wear a Fitted Hardhat

A hardhat should be worn for the same reason it is worn when riding a bike. If you fall or are hit by debris during demolition, your head will be properly protected.




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