3 Hydraulic Hammer and Breaker Maintenance Tips to Take This Summer

Let’s face it, hydraulic hammers are costly pieces of equipment and when they break down, a new one could cost you thousands of dollars. However, with the proper maintenance, they can last up to or over a decade, and you will see a great return on your investment. As a professional repair service for hydraulic machinery, Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC knows how hydraulic hammers and breakers begin to break down and how easily this could have been prevented.

1. Set Up the Breaker Properly

The first thing that you can do when you get your new hydraulic breaker (and possibly the most simple) is to set up your hydraulic breaker properly each time. Operators of the breaker should be knowledgeable about the equipment and what it can do. They should also make sure that the hydraulic systems match the hammer. If the equipment does not align properly, it can cause major damage to the machinery.

2. Use Grease Specific to Your Breaker

When you use grease on your hydraulic breaker, it is essential that you are using the correct type of grease and amount. What this does is keep the bushing area filled, which prevents the machinery from overheating and reduce friction. Operators of hydraulic breakers should be aware that the amount of grease used for their specific breaker depends on the type of breaker they have. For help with this, enlist the help of a professional breaker service company.

3. Have the Breaker Inspected Regularly

An inspection is a great way to determine if there are kinks with your hydraulic breaker. A routine checkup on all the parts and components will ensure that everything is running smoothly which can save you time and money in the long term.

By utilizing these maintenance tips, you can be sure that your hydraulic breaker will last for years longer. If you happen to find that your hydraulic breaker needs a little tune-up, rely on Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC for professional maintenance and repair services. With our help, we can provide you with cost-effective replacement parts including products that will work with an Allied rammer and the CAT H115 hammer.

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