3 Tips To Maintain Your Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic breakers are the go-to tool of choice for anyone looking to break rock, asphalt, concrete and other construction materials. From Atlas Copco hydraulic hammers to CAT hydraulic breakers, these pieces of equipment need to be taken care of properly. Follow these three tips to prolong the life of a breaker or hammer:

Utilize Maintenance Tools

Almost all manufacturers design a specialized tool that is used to measure the condition of specific areas of the equipment. Most tools are able to check the breaker’s lower brushing, the top angle of the breaker tool, and the retaining pins. Proper use of the maintenance tool will help increase the lifespan of the hammer or breaker.

Visual Inspection

One of the easiest ways to make sure your hammer or breaker is working properly is by completing visual inspections on a routine basis. A visual inspection is a quick and easy tip that takes just a minute or two. Most operators forget this simple rule that can save a lot of headaches.

Remember to Grease The Attachment

Making sure you remember to lubricate the breaker with a proper greasing agent will drastically lower the chance of your attachment unexpectedly breaking. Every hydraulic breaker can require a certain type of grease, while some breakers even come with an automatic greasing system.

Following these three tips can help prevent your work site from being delayed due to an unexpected break to a hydraulic breaker or hammer. To help combat this, we here at Hydraulic Breaker Service, LLC understand how important it is for a company to get their equipment fixed as quickly as possible. With 24/7 emergency services for damaged breakers and hammers, there’s a reason why companies have turned to us for their repair needs for years.

For more information on Hydraulic Breaker Service, LLC, interested parties can find more information on our website at https://hydraulicbreakerservices.com/ or by calling 1-800-940-8517.

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