Does Your Hammer Have a Cracked Head? Here’s What to Do

Wear and tear on your equipment is an inevitability for the demolition and construction industries. Your hydraulic hammers and breakers take a lot of abuse, and sometimes they end up with a crack. This can also happen as a result of improper use, such as dry firing or prying. Fortunately, a cracked head does not mean that you have to completely replace your Rammer hydraulic hammer. When you bring your equipment to us, you can rest assured that it will be fixed reliably and in a timely manner.

Our Process:
Step 1: Disassembly and inspection. The first thing that we will do when you leave your damaged breaker with us is we will disassemble it completely. After that, we carefully inspect each part for any damage, and send you an estimate for all the parts that need to be replaced and the services that will be required. After receiving your approval, we will begin reconditioning the breaker.
Step 2: Remove main body. Next, we’ll remove the main body from the outer bracket and separate it into its various components: the front tool holder, the back cap (N2), and the cylinder.
Step 3: Remove all components of cylinder section. Both exterior and interior components of the cylinder section are removed, including the original matching access plugs. Removing those access plugs is essential to ensure that the internal passages are not contaminated and to allow us to cleanse the cylinder section completely.
Step 4:Replace parts. After the cylinder is thoroughly cleaned, we add new seals, reassemble the body. If necessary, the piston is replaced as well. After a thorough inspection is completed and any other necessary parts replaced, we apply machinery quality paint.
Step 5: Shipment. After your hydraulic hammer is restored to pristine condition, we ship it back to you. Typically, the whole process only takes about 5-7 working days, which allows you to get back to work sooner.

Damage Prevention Tips:
– Always make sure your equipment is properly lubricated.
– Adequately train everyone on the project so that they know how to use the equipment effectively.
– Avoid prying with the hammer, as this can cause unintended strain.

The next time your Atlas/Copco hydraulic hammers need repair, trust the experts at Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC.

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