Mistakes Operators Make That Shortens the Lifespan of a Hydraulic Hammer

If you take care of your tools, they’ll have a longer lifespan. If not, you’ll be replacing them a lot sooner than anticipated.

While a hydraulic hammer can sustain a considerable amount of wear and tear, they shouldn’t be handled recklessly. Common mistakes are made daily by operators that shortens the life expectancy of the machine.

Here are a few of them, according to Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC.

Compatibility – The operator has to ensure that the carrier and breaker are a good fit. If a big hammer is run on a smaller excavator for example, extensive damage can be made to the hammer, machine or both. The size and weight of the breaker should match the carrier lift capabilities and assure stability. The operator also needs to confirm the hydraulic capabilities are compatible. The two main issues are the hydraulic flow and pressure relief setting on the carrier.

Starting Point – Properly positioning a breaker improves productivity and decreases the stress on the attachment and carrier. Starting in the middle of a huge chunk of concrete isn’t going to go well. Instead of breaking the concrete, the breaker is merely drilling and this can cause an inordinate amount of dust and heat. Instead, the operator should be beginning at a corner or edge and work their way inward. The tool should be constantly moving as well to avoid an increase in hydraulic temperature.

Inspection – The breaker should always be lubricated and maintained. It should be inspected so any damage that is visible on the breaker doesn’t worsen. The oil levels in the hydraulic system need to be checked and any damage that is found needs to be reported immediately. A visual inspection of the mounting bracket, hoses, box and lower bushing only takes a few minutes. It should be a task that an operator performs consistently.

Prying – Damage to the tool point breakage and hammer can occur with excess prying. Attempting to use the tool to move broken material damages the surface of the tool.

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