How to Properly Use a Hydraulic Breaker

Colombia_Jackhammer_01Hydraulic Breakers are the ideal demolition tool, but improper use can cause it much damage. Knowing how to use the tool correctly will also help the hydraulic breaker last longer. This saves money from extra expenses. We at Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC have repaired hundreds of breakers across the nation. Our customers can tell you first hand why they needed hydraulic breaker repair – and one of them is wear and tear from inadequate use. Below we share a few tips for how to work the tool safely and securely.

  1. Grease the breaker on the parts where high stress is initiated.
  2. First position the tool on the surface and then operate it. Once the material gets demolished under the tool, stop the breaker immediately.
  3. To prevent damage from happening to the breaker, do not overuse the motion between the chuck bushing and the tool.
  4. When the tool heats up, cease use for a short period to let it cool off.
  5. When attacking the surface, use short strikes of 10-20 seconds and switch up the angle of impact.
  6. Make sure the tool is lubricated using grease at least four times a day.
  7. If the tip gets dull, recondition it with milling, lathing or planing.
  8. Make sure the tool is attacking at a 90-degree angle so that all the parts act as a unit.
  9. For larger material, use a slower method of attacking by breaking it up section by section.
  10. Do not operate the tool under water.
  11. Do not pry, lift, or pick material with the breaker.

If you are in need of hydraulic breaker repairs, please check out our website and contact us today!


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