Technological Advances in New Hydraulic Breakers

A hydraulic breaker is a useful construction tool that continues to evolve as new advances in technology are applied. New models contain innovative features that are not available on the older versions. We at Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC would like to highlight some of the new aspects that are currently available on new hydraulic hammers. We suggest that builders and contractors keep up to date with the new trends in hydraulic breakers and hydraulic breaker parts so that the best equipment decisions can be made. Being aware of the newest advancements in demolition tools will determine what breaker equipment should be utilized to complete a construction project.


New hydraulic breaker achievements in design:

  • To reduce energy absorption, some breaker designs are constructed with a hydraulic cushion where the piston’s stroke ends
  • Application adjustments
  • Automatic shutoff and the ability to operate with no preload for working in different new breakerpositions.
  • To break material effectively, ratio of impact energy to impact rate can be automatically adjusted
  • The force of hydraulic oil into an accumulator recovers recoil energy by adding more force to the blows.
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Lower bushing and working tool of breaker can easily be changed due to design
  • Less overhaul time allows for easier routine maintenance
  • Quieter noise


New improvements in the way hammers are being made allow for less fuel consumption, an enhancement in production, and less carrier wear. When it comes to new hammers, our company can repair them when they break and replace them with qualified hydraulic hammer parts.


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