How to Take Care of Your Hydraulic Hammer to Ensure a Longer Lifespan

Hydraulic hammers, breakers, tools and equipment can get pricey. That’s why you always want to take care of them properly and make sure they work for years. Sure, there are always ways to repair them, especially if you come to Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC, but the repair expenses can rack up.


To prevent these pieces of machinery from failing you now and in the near future, we’ll provide you with a few steps you can take to make sure they live a long and productive life. That way, you won’t be flabbergasted when your brand new Kent hydraulic hammers decided to break after only a month of use.
Here’s how to take care of your hydraulic hammer to give it a longer lifespan.


  1. Minimize blank firing – One of the most damaging things you can do to a hydraulic hammer is blank, or dry, firing. You should try to eliminate blank firing, or at the very least, minimize it to as little as possible. Blank firing occurs when the tool steel isn’t pressed down against the surface before the operator fires the hammer, which causes it to deliver all of its energy after each stroke without having anything to block it.


  1. Conduct regular maintenance – At Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC, we can provide you with an inspection analysis of your Bretec hydraulics hammers, and other hydraulic equipment, to make sure everything’s running smoothly. Every hammer brought into our hammer facilities for repair is completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and inspected by our personnel.


  1. Use the 30-second rule when operating – The 30-second rule ensures that you won’t stay in one place too long with your hydraulic hammer or breaker. Striking in one spot for more than that timespan can damage your hammer. When following this rule, if the operator doesn’t see cracks, penetration or dust after 30 seconds, they should stop and bring the breaker closer to the edge.


We hope this helps you keep your hydraulic hammer for a longer amount of time without it breaking. Of course, if it does break, you can always bring over to us for repair. We’ll repair your tool when no other company will, and at some of the most affordable prices. To learn more about our hydraulic services, contact us at 800-940-8517.

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