A Guide for the Proper Use of Hydraulic Hammers

Have you ever run your hydraulic hammer into the ground and worried about how much a repair will cost? Then stop your worrying and stop by our company, Hydraulic Breaker Services in Berlin, New Jersey for all your hammering needs. We have been in operation for over 25 years and know all the ins and outs of the hydraulic hammer industry. We are a dedicated, conscientious and passionate company that wants to eliminate all of your worries so that you won’t skip a beat at your construction job.

It’s Hammer Time!!

All of our hammers come with a six-month warranty that ensures when your hydraulic hammer breaks down, we will repair it in a jiffy for an affordable cost. We have worked with hydraulic hammers all over the world and have gained an extensive knowledge of a variety of hammers including Kent hydraulic hammers, CAT hydraulic hammers, NPK hydraulic hammers, Stanley hydraulic hammers, Tramac hydraulic hammers and Indeco hydraulic hammers. We have a convenient shipping and delivery service so that you do not need to visit us personally to get your hammer repaired.

Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC. will be there for you when you need to buy a new hydraulic hammer, get an old one repaired or provide routine servicing, but you need to make sure that your hammer stays in top shape.

Here is a guide to follow every time you use your hammer:

  1. Be sure to grease your tools before use
  1. Operate your hammer only when it is properly positioned.
  1. The proper position of the hydraulic hammer should be at a 90-degree angle and remain there as you use it.
  1. Only use short strikes. Stop the hammer and reposition it on the surface.
  1. Do not spend a lot of time using the hammer without stopping to let it cool down so that the tool and the chuck brush does not break or get damaged.
  1. Continue to grease your tools while you are using the hammer, at least four times daily.
  1. You can recondition dull tools by milling, planing or lathing.


Our Excellent Customer Service

We will continue to strive to provide all of our customers with exceptional customer service. Our products and services are unmatched by any other hydraulic hammer business in the New Jersey area. We make sure to provide you with high-quality products and services at a reasonable cost so that all you have to worry about is completing your jobs in construction or at the quarry. You can even purchase one of our rebuilt models for an affordable price.

For more information on all of our services, continue browsing our website. To receive a free quote today, call us at call 1-800-940-8517. We are passionate about our hammers and our services and want to provide you with a hassle-free customer service experience. We will worry about the repairs so that you don’t have to.

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