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A Brief History of Hydraulic Hammers

Are you familiar with what a hydraulic hammer does?  Hydraulic hammers are modern descendants of pile drivers.  These are not the pile drivers that you’re associating with pro wrestling matches, either.  The updated, modern pile drivers we see today are actually mechanical devices used to drive poles into the soil and provide support for structures.  Diesel, hydraulics, and pneumatics all drive the force behind the pile drivers you see out on large construction projects.  As you can imagine, without pile drivers, large construction projects would never be completed.

You might not think much about how hydraulic devices work or why they are important, but without them, we’d have a lot of uncompleted construction projects out in the open.  Hydraulic devices have their root in a simple theory of fluid mechanics that is based on the works of both Blaise Pascal and Daniel Bernoulli.  Their theory posits that a pump, a motor, some pipes, liquid, and an output device are what’s needed for the process to work.

At Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC, we carry a full line of hydraulic breakers for a wide range of construction needs.  If you need a used hydraulic hammer for your business, then stop in and find out what we can do to help.  Hydraulics are used to provide power to activate heavy machinery. This is completed with the conversion of pressure exerted on a confined liquid medium transformed into mechanical output. The pressure exerts on the enclosed, incompressible liquid to transfer equal pressure into all areas of the hydraulic system, which is then transmitted to the hydraulic hammer.

As you can see, without hydraulic breakers, we’d be pretty far behind in our ability to complete major demolition work when it’s needed.  If you work in the industry and you are in the market for some new or used hydraulic hammers, then check out Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC and find out what we have that suits your needs.  Hydraulic hammers are important pieces of demolition equipment in the world of construction.  If you have questions about how they work or about how to purchase one for your company, then give Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC a call today at 800-940-8517.

A Guide for the Proper Use of Hydraulic Hammers

Have you ever run your hydraulic hammer into the ground and worried about how much a repair will cost? Then stop your worrying and stop by our company, Hydraulic Breaker Services in Berlin, New Jersey for all your hammering needs. We have been in operation for over 25 years and know all the ins and outs of the hydraulic hammer industry. We are a dedicated, conscientious and passionate company that wants to eliminate all of your worries so that you won’t skip a beat at your construction job.

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How to Take Care of Your Hydraulic Hammer to Ensure a Longer Lifespan

Hydraulic hammers, breakers, tools and equipment can get pricey. That’s why you always want to take care of them properly and make sure they work for years. Sure, there are always ways to repair them, especially if you come to Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC, but the repair expenses can rack up.


To prevent these pieces of machinery from failing you now and in the near future, we’ll provide you with a few steps you can take to make sure they live a long and productive life. That way, you won’t be flabbergasted when your brand new Kent hydraulic hammers decided to break after only a month of use.
Here’s how to take care of your hydraulic hammer to give it a longer lifespan.

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How to Save Money on Your Broken Hydraulic Hammer

Hydraulic hammers and breakers are supposed to do the breaking. So what happens if they’re the ones that get broken? You could consider it the ultimate payback because they’re finally getting a taste of their own medicine. However, if it’s your new or used hydraulic hammer that’s broken, you may not think that it’s so funny. In fact, you may be wondering how you’re going to get it fixed without having to spend too much money or replace it entirely.

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How To Extend the Lifespan of Your Hydraulic Breaker

Did you know that you can contribute to extending the lifespan of your hydraulic breaker? And no, that doesn’t involve feeding it fruits and vegetables and making it exercise a couple of time a week.

At Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC, we understand that when you buy a hydraulic breaker or a hydraulic hammer, you want it to last a long time. The average lifespan of a dog is 10-13 years, the average life expectancy of a cat is about 15 years, and although it’s different in every case, a hydraulic breaker can last up to 8 years if you’re doing everything right. Here are three tips to help you extend the lifespan of your hydraulic breaker:

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